Submitted Last Assignment EVER!

EDC3100 has been a very interesting yet challenging subject for me. I have enjoyed learning about the different ways to incorporate ICTs into lessons, but have to say that some of the concepts (and the work load) challenged me and I am glad to be all done!

Now fingers crossed for a pass and then I can graduate 🙂


Thinking more about SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy interactive infographic

ICTs in Education

I think that the SAMR model is important to keep coming back to (which is why I keep doing it!). I’m about to start my second week of prac, and as I (try to) plan ICT-rich lessons, I have to keep considering the ICT that I use.

In an afternoon of procrastination on Pinterest (follow me if you like! Haha!!) also found this website which goes into the SAMR model. Go have a read, and bookmark it, because it’s a little bit fantastic!

The following image is another one I found on Pinterest. I liked it, and the links made between SAMR and Bloom’s Taxonomy (although I do believe that the links are more flexible, perhaps more like a spectrum when considering how Blooms aligns with the SAMR model), but when I clicked through to the interactive version I LOVED it! Click the image or the link as at the end…

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21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year.

Scrolling through my Feedly feed, something caught my eye: 21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year, a blog post by Alisia. As I read the post, the picture gained my attention. I looked at the different items on this list, and thought about my prac context. ‘Post a question on the class blog’ and ‘class twitter account’… hmmm. My prac context is a small school with under 50 students. They are in a rural community, and the community is generally of low SES. This low SES combined with environmental factors means that access to internet is low. My mentor has also told me that some families/parents have little education themselves, with some unable to read, and this adds to the difficulties for implementing ICTs in homework.

My question is this – how can we as educators effectively implement ICTs (in the form of blogs, twitter, instagram) in a school community with little access to ICTs and where ICTs are not necessarily valued? (As things such as blogs, twitter and instagram are for sharing information).

Blooms Taxonomy and Prac.

When planning for the incorporation of ICTs into my lessons, I plan to use Blooms Taxonomy. Blooms Taxonomy classifies the different levels of human cognition (Krathwohl, 2003). I will incorporate the ICTs to aid the children’s learning, but also as a means of them learning to use ICTs. In this regard, they will need to first develop the knowledge, to comprehend, apply, analyse, evaluate and synthesise their learning of ICTs. If the students are able to do this, they will understand how to use the ICTs they are being exposed to for a range of purposes. I plan to allow the students to have time to experiment with the ICTs, to have a hands-on approach and learn how to use it; I will focus on the process rather than the end product.

I found this article by David Krathwohl to be informative about Blooms Taxonomy.

Prac with Students Who Have Limited Internet Access at Home.

I am going to a rural school in NSW for my professional experience. The school is small, with only two classes – infants and primary.

My mentor has informed me that the community in which the school is located is generally of a low socio-economic status, and that access to the internet can be difficult for the students due to their families SES status, or due to environmental factors (being in a rural area with limited reception).

After some more research, I found that limited internet access seems to be common in rural areas. This article, by Greg Shaw outlines the effects of low internet access in rural areas in South Australia. The article outlines the difficulties of having limited access, as well as the difficulties of limited teacher knowledge/skills and professional development in the use of ICTs.

I am looking forward to working to overcome the challenges involved in assisting these students to learn about ICTs and how to use them when there is little access to ICTs at home.

Prac Preperation.

I am really looking forward to my prac! I have met with my mentor and she seems lovely and supportive of me being in her class. She also seems very enthusiastic towards teaching, and fond of her students. I am really looking forward to having her as my mentor for my final prac, I think I will learn so much from her!

I am going to a K-2 composite class, with several children with additional needs, including autism and global delays, and I am looking forward to the rewards and challenges that this will present.

After having some prac mentors who weren’t quite as supportive, I am really looking forward to having a supportive, enthusiastic mentor!

Time Management!

Over the last couple of weeks I feel as though I have ‘dropped the ball’ so to speak. I have been on a make up prac for a week, travelling an hour each way. Normally I work full time and manage to fit uni work in, but adding the extra two hours to the work day left little to no time for uni work.

I can emphasise with Donna’s post, life is getting very busy for me at the moment! Working full time, coming to the end of my last ever uni subject, finished one prac, about to start another prac, life in general… 24 hours in a day does not seem long enough!